Food blogs generate a positive outlet for women to embrace creativity, health and establish a sense of community. However, they also feed into traditional gender roles, such as a “housewife”  lifestyle, for women and an “unhelpful husband” mentality for men. Rodney, Cappeliez, Oleschuk, and Johnston come to these conclusions after examining 426 blog posts published by various notable food bloggers.

Rodney and the other contributors chose which blogs to examine by researching blog nominees and winners from two different blog awards. After eliminating some that did not meet their criteria, such as a blog written by a man, the authors had 13 blogs from the Saveur blog award and nine from the Bloggies to observe.

During their research, Rodney and others discovered that food blogs are a largely female pastime. Most bloggers explain that they use baking or cooking as a form of self care and wanting to share this with other fellow food lovers. They also describe it as a good way to care and nurture others, especially male counterparts and children. While it is wonderful that these women feel this way, the researchers found this idea to be antiquated. Most specifically, the researchers didn’t enjoy learning one bloggers “stockpile” recipes that her husband doesn’t enjoy so she can cook them when he is out of town.

The authors clearly acknowledge that food blogs have benefitted our culture by allowing women to embrace a love for food when this has often been frowned upon in the past. But, they also express the idea that “When foodwork is framed as pleasurable, leisurely, and a matter of choice, any tension surrounding gender inequalities is rendered invisible”. This establishes the fact that while food bloggers have bridged the gap in some instances of gender inequality, other instances are being disregarded and unchallenged.

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