Data mining is a process of extracting patterns or correlations from larger data sets that are used for analysis. My experience with data mining came from a past project in which I gathered the Inaugural Addresses of the presidents in order to extract common patterns within the speeches. That is where Orange comes in, as a useful and functional tool for those with different levels of comfortability when it comes to data mining, even a novice such as myself.

Orange is an open-source data mining, data analysis and visualization tool. Orange provides users with the ability to take large sets of data, plug them in, and generate different interactive visualizations. The tool uses “widgets” to create visualizations such as, heat maps, decision trees, scatter plots, among others. These visualizations allow the user to conduct exploratory analysis on their data sets.

A prime example of the versatility that Orange provides can be viewed through a recent blog from their own website. A workshop was held for archeologist to show them how to use Orange in their own work. Orange demonstrated that it could be used to generate what type of artefact they might come across based on data they had from images, in their own words, “predicting a type of the artefact from the image.” The multi-use, multi-faceted tool is beneficial not only to data experts but in a variety of different professions.

While it might be easier for someone with a background in data analysis to begin using Orange, data mining, visualizations and analysis are made accessible and understandable through their user-friendly guides and YouTube videos dedicated to teaching how Orange works.  

Download Orange here: 

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